Mu-siko, intended to take the "functional" and "natural" rub together, the new initiative of  Taiwan design industry

      Leather - showing the texture of high-grade and expensive

      Mu-siko delicate legal process and work for the demands of leather material, designed with Asian imagery and

      simple fashion, simplifying hardware accessories

      Beauty ~ is the essence of each person is born     

      Simple ~ it does not mean simple

      Design ~ is life of the

      Parity does not mean cheap

      Fashion ~ is affordable, should not only brand-name as the lead, but within reach of happiness

      Mu-siko hope to be in constant innovation design

      Provide more diverse selection of services to consumers

      "Fashion" is no longer the expensive consumer or a few specific people proprietary noun

      Mu-siko hope that through simple materials, natural features or elements

      So that everyone can show the same "restrained gorgeous" texture